4 Things You Should Do To Take Care of Your Windows this Summer Season

4 Things You Should Do To Take Care of Your Windows this Summer Season

Summers are dry months when there is a lot of dust flying around. In order to protect your homes from the same, it’s natural that you would want to shut down every window and screen in your house to ensure that your house remains clean, but don’t you think you are forgetting your window in the process? Since its summer and you are trying to keep your house clean and everything, why don’t you take some time a and pay attention to those little windows which are protecting yours from heat as well as dust? Well if reading this has motivated you enough, then here are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your windows are spick and span the next time you decide to clean them.

  1. Wiping

Wiping will always be a part of cleaning your window since it’s an outlet through which air circulates inside your house. And wherever there is proper air circulation there is accumulation of dust as well. Though dust may sound harmless if you are not allergic to it, overtime, that accumulated dust on your windows may hamper its functioning. So make sure you properly wipe those window sills properly preferably with a damp, but not wet, cloth to remove those dust particle.

  1. Oil the Hinges

As the climate is dry the old window hinges might become squeaky, so if your window has started making noises every time you are opening it or shutting it down, then that means those squeaky hinges might be in need of some lubrication. Although automobile grease will work perfectly fine, oiling those hinges is much more advisable since applying oil is much easier that applying grease.

  1. Change The Wood

If your windows have become old and the wood that holds it together has become old and appears to rot, then it’s time that you should think about changing the wood. Towards the end of the summer there is surely going to be rain, and in that humid climate, there is a huge chance that your window frame might develop even more rot. So it’s better to change the wood frame before rains arrive.

  1. Green Mats

Summer brings with itself heat and lot of harsh sunlight, which when added with hot winds, is definitely going to make your window glasses hot and in turn increasing the heat inside your house. Exposing those window glasses to direct sunlight might affect its shining quality. Which is you should think about creating shades around your windows using green summer mats. Not only will these mats prevent your window glasses from sunlight. It will also ensure that your house stays cool as well.

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