5 Swimming Spots in Austin

5 Swimming Spots in Austin

Austin in Texas is one of the most exciting places to live. However, summer comes with heat that is almost vengeful. And with summer among us, there is nothing as refreshing as plunging into a pool of water on a hot afternoon. Lucky enough, there are numerous swimming holes, splash pads, and free pools. Their location adds to the excitement because of its scenic beauty and fascinating land formations. Beyond the swim, you have a scenic venue to picnic. Here are five local spots that will tame that summer heat.

Barton Springs Austin TX

1. Barton Springs

This is one of the most recognizable swimming areas in Austin. In fact, it is considered a crown jewel of the area. The 3-acre natural swimming pool is a few minutes from the town. The average temperature all year round is a cooling off 68-70. It offers a diving board from where you can dive. If you are scared of diving, you have the option of slipping into the pool using stairs. Since this is a favorite spot, you need to get there before mid afternoon. The parking area fills up pretty fast. The charges are minimal to laughable. The park opens till late in the evening, up to 10.00 pm on some days. You are allowed to carry your pet along.


2. Blue Hole in Wimberley

The pool opens its doors as early as 8.00 am and closes at dusk. This is a perfect picnic site because it features nature trails and a community pavilion. It also has a sand volleyball court, a basket ball court, and even an amphitheater. It sits on 126 acres that offer incredible excitement to visitors. It offers cool and refreshing waters with the allowance to tag your pet around. This is a perfect place for family and friends picnics.

3. Campbell Hole

Entrance to the hole is free with doors opening at dawn and closing at dusk. It has a pebble beach and the depth of the water does not allow diving. However, it is a leafy area with very clean and relatively warm water. You will have to walk through a trail of water with the water level varying depending on the weather. Some of the popular spots along the trail can get very crowded at times.


4. Hamilton Pool

Do you want a scenic spot to spend your hot afternoon? This is the perfect one. It has featured in numerous postcards with water dripping out of limestone rocks. You have to walk about a
mile along the rugged and steep trail. The place has not lifeguards. You are however not allowed to carry alcohol, glasses or pets. It limits the number of visitors which could see some being turned back.

5. Krause Springs in SpicewoodKrause Springs

This is an exciting 115-acre property because of the 32 springs on board. There are limestone rocks around the pools where you can place your items and enjoy a dip in the pool. There is a grotto that is adorned with ferns where you can swim into. You can also make your entry into the pool using a rope.

With more magnificent swimming holes and pools in Austin, Texas, you have no reason to bake even on a summer afternoon. Some are minutes from the town while others offer a road trip experience. All are serviced with amenities to make our swimming picnic enjoyable.

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