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We simply want to always be the best window cleaners in Austin. We want happy customers who tell all their friends about us.

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Windows are an important component when it comes to letting light into a room, airing as well as creating first impressions for visitors in your place of work or home. It is, therefore, important to keep them clean, especially in work buildings where they may be too high to reach for regular casual workers. This is why one should look into commercial window cleaning. But what are the important things that one should look into before picking a cleaning service?


You ought to ensure that whichever company you are choosing in Austin has the relevant permits and compliance documents when it comes to safety. Commercial window cleaning often involves high windows which automatically translate into heights and the potential for disaster if there are no safety procedures in place. Even residential window cleaning services in TX should be OSHA compliant. In addition to being compliant, you should also ensure that any tools such as roof mounts that the cleaning service will use are up to code and regularly serviced if they belong to you. This will save you from suits relating to accidents at work and consequentlExpertisey save you a huge headache.


You do not just pick a commercial presidential window cleaning service. You have to look into their area of expertise and their experience. Hyden Window Cleaners have served Austin, TX since the 1930's because of our continued strive a keeping our clients happy. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

Windows are very important. They set the pace and perception of both the interior and exterior of your work environment. It is important to take care of them, whether at home or at work. Invest in some residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning respectively. Contact Hyden Window Cleaners today!