Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

Right off the bat, I want to congratulate you to go for the “green” energy by utilizing the power of the sun as a more efficient source of energy. As every energy source, however, this one can also because you quite amount of nuisances. Whether its airborne particles, bird poop or leave the solar panel will eventually get dirty which will influence its ability to produce energy to its full capacity and means you are essentially losing money.

Understanding the Problem

It is important to know how a solar panel works. The solar array is designed to have a few solar modules connected together. The solar modules are constructed by solar cells, and all of this is put in a frame. Digging deeper, the solar cells are created by materials such as silicon which easily conduct electricity. The top side of the solar panel is usually positive, while the bottom negative so once the sunlight shines down, the electrons start doing their job in the electricity conducting material and thus electricity is harvested.

The sand grains are particularly harmful to the solar cells, as not only can they bring energy losses to up to 30% percent, but might damage the surface and make the solar panel cleaning quite an annoying task. Now imagine that the weather is cloudy, which further prevents the solar panel from harvesting energy to its maximum efficiency.

Tools for Solar Panel Cleaning in Austin, TX

Obviously, those examples will not only work for Austin, TX but all around the globe. Solar Panel Cleaning is very similar to Windows Cleaning as both can be cleaned with warm water and some sort of soap, in order to remove any residue or dirt. That is enough to clean up the outer layer of the panel. Small solar system owners often prefer to utilize the properties of elbow grease.

We recommend that you do not attempt to clean your solar panels by yourself if you have no previous experience on the matter as the potential risks of inflicting damage to both yourself and the panel are not worth it. Most people are not comfortable to stand on the roof of your property, let alone carry out a cleaning operation there. The possibility of falling is there, and the potential injuries out of it could be quite severe. Not only that a simple misstep could lead to damaging your solar panel, which will result in a quite costly repair.

There is a reason industry owners prefer to hire professionals for solar panel cleaning processes as it saves them time, guarantees that no harm will come to their property and that there will be no one hurt in the process.

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